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With FMTouch FileMaker Pro lands on iPhone and touch

View the FileMaker layout on the Apple's two advanced paperbacks, automatically transferring objects, colors and even fonts, capable of managing complex multi-field relationships, supports the creation of portals, and finally offers powerful synchronization functions.

In practice, in addition to consulting the FileMaker databases on the iPhone and touch, it is possible to modify the fields, add and insert variations and all the changes made on the paperback are immediately synchronized with the database on the Mac. Any changes made to the original database on a computer are also applied to the mobile version managed by FMTouch.

Other main functions include support for multiple layouts, including a list of selected ones created specifically for use on iPhone and touch, capable of managing an infinite number of relational databases on a single pocket device, supports the unicode standard for all international keyboards on the iPhone and also different languages ??within the FileMaker fields.

For synchronization with local or remote databases, it uses an SSL protected connection, and finally, the Internet connection is not required for the operation of the program. All data and work masks from our database are stored on the iPhone and touch so that you can work anywhere. The connection to the network required only for the synchronization operation.

Among the functions introduced in the latest version 1.10 released at the end of July, we remind you that FMTouch now allows you to start a voice call directly by simply pressing a phone number contained in a field in the database, finally the possibility of immediately writing an email to the contacts who have access to the 'Postal address. FMTouch is not a simple database viewer for iPhone and touch: it is a complex and feature-rich program that basically allows you to access, edit and work on the database as if we were sitting in front of the Mac.

Functions offered, type of users and jobs have their influence on the final price. FMTouch available in this direct link on the App Store at a price of 79.99 euros. For the required operation FileMaker Pro 8 or 9 for database initialization and for sync operations. To watch FMTouch in operation, a movie is available from this page of the developer's site.