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Wild Blood: This is the new title signed by Gameloft! (Video)

Wild Blood this is the name of the new title by Gameloft, a few days ago the French software house had released us an image that portrayed a videogame developed entirely for Android through Unreal Engine. Today comes a small trailer showing some game scenes.

Just in these hours the manufacturer Gameloft has released a short trailer in which it is illustrated The protagonist of this title, but above all some of the settings who will follow us throughout history.

Recall also that this title had appeared a few days ago together with this image:

As we can easily guess all of those little monsters and those gigantic creatures that we savor in the video, they will be our rivals throughout the course of the game.

We thanks to upgrades, armor, swords and much more we should fight them carrying on a story that for now remains unknown.

Here is the short trailer:

(yframe url = ?http: // v = 625fWeApKGc & feature = g-all-u?)

This title really looks like very addicting, but most of all addictive we hope it reaches our Google Play in the shortest time possible.

For now either the debut date that the price remain unknown, we just have to wait and wait for new information about it!

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