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WhatsApp: with the next update it will be possible to pay the subscription to acquaintances

On the instant messaging front, something starts to move, at least that's what it seems Whatsapp, a famous service that holds the scepter of the most used in the world with record figures, so as to resist the thick competition capable of offering also features that the latter does not boast.

Having a subscription of WhatsApp obviously bound to the payment of the same at the end of its year of free use, a difficult factor to circumvent being the service not subordinated to the smartphone but to the phone number of the SIM Card registered, often becoming a problem, not so much as regards the actual cost of the service as for the payment methods that necessarily require the possession of a credit card to associate, or an account PayPal, which likewise presents the same requirement.

To overcome the obstacle and increase the use of WhatsApp, the developers, according to some rumors, could, as of the next updates, implement a shared purchase mode of the subscriptions, being able to practically pay for their acquaintances starting from the same account in multiple way, as revealed by the screens attached to the article in which the preview of the web interface for making the transaction is visible. What should arrive soon will therefore not be an important novelty in daily use, but represents a further step in the simplification of payments which, as deductible, should further increase the market share of WhatsApp.

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