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Tim, here are two new iPhone rates

Tim, here are two new iPhone rates logomacitynet1200wide 1

Official time: Tim has increased the Maxxi rate for iPhone to 50 MB per day. On the Telecom Italia mobile operator's website, the explanatory text of the option reserved for all rechargeable cards was modified this afternoon, adapting it to the rumors that Macity had published a decade ago. Next to the offer for rechargeable products comes a new subscription offer called "iiPhone Web Oversize" which at the price of 70 euros per month offers 5 GB of data and a consumption rate for calls and SMS.

Maxxi for iPhone requires the payment of 10 euros per month in exchange for a daily share of data to be exploited with the Cupertino phone. Previously this quota was 30 MB per day, now it has been raised to 50 MB per day. In addition, as anticipated by Macity, upon exceeding the megabytes included in the offer, do not immediately scatter the consumption rate, but the iPhone Daily service card will be available which will be activated automatically and completely free of charge and which will allow you to have another 30 MB per day at a cost of 1 euro. The cost of 1 'will be charged only in case of exceeding the 50MB offered by Maxxi for iPhone.

Note that iPhone Daily can only be used with iPhone, if you use the SIM with another mobile phone, the cost of navigation will be charged according to consumption. In this case, the customer will receive an informative SMS. In the event that the bundle does not activate (for lack of sufficient credit or other), the customer will receive an SMS with the text "Warning! Your iPhone Daily cannot be activated due to lack of credit! The shipping cost of 0.6c ?/ MB". Before the 30 MB run out, the Customer will receive an SMS with the text "Attention! Your iPhone Daily is running out of 30MB per day! The cost of surfing beyond 30 MB of 6 '/ MB ".

The "iPhone Web Oversize" rate, which we mentioned at the beginning, also has a special price for the iPhone, 99 euros for the 8 GB model and 169 euros for the 16 GB model.

Below the new All Inclusive subscription table for iPhone

Special offers

Other than iPhone XR: iPhone XS 64 GB at 705.90 euros

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