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The success of Softbank is also the son of the iPhone

He is gaining positions and hopes to be able to undermine the top two, Ntt DoCoMo and Kddi. For now, it is satisfied with an immense attention (compared to the past) by the Japanese media and a small treasure trove of new users: 215,400, many of whom arrived thanks to the iPhone.

Of course, compared to the 19.3 million customers who have chosen Softbank in Japan, the smallest and newest of the large operators in the Archipelago, not a large number. And it does not allow you to make the leap, surpassing the other two, which are several million ahead. For those who are small and compete in a replacement market, already saturated with the offer of others, everything helps. And Softbank is pushing as little.

The small telephone company invested in its time in new tariffs and business models to offer to customers, such as free calls between members of the same family (which protected 543,900 users in March). And now the iPhone is "pulling" new customers, attracted by the chic features of the Apple phone and also willing to change operators to reach the desired object.

To give an idea of ??the size of the "clash", the largest Japanese carrier, ie DoCoMo, added 94,200 users reaching a total of 53,7 million in July, while Kddi with "only" 17,000 more users reached 30, 3 million users.

According to analyst estimates, iPhone sales will continue to grow. So far, enough Apple-produced phones have been sold to suggest that Softbank should be able to market about a million by the end of the year.