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The Italian H-Farm transforms ideas into companies and business

In mid-July, the Seed Farm initiative of the Italian company H-Farm sparked the interest of the whole world of technological information in general and of the newspapers dedicated to the Mac world in particular. With the Seed Program H-Farm offers $ 250,000 to finance the development and launch of an innovative iPhone application. All people who think they have an innovative business idea or a new service or program to be developed for iPhone are invited to submit their project to H-Farm. The company defines itself as a real incubator for the best ideas and has two offices: one in C Tron in the province of Treviso and the other in Seattle, in the United States

H-Farm presented its Seed Program to the world a few days after the launch of the iPhone in our country, also putting on the balance a substantial sum to finance the project that will be incubated and funded, once selected from all ideas and the candidate projects.

In Italy, the Mac is increasingly known and appreciated but there are rare cases in which our local talents are committed to the Apple platform, finally the Seed Program of H-Farm for iPhone, in our panorama, a unique initiative of its kind. In short, there are all the conditions for Macitynet to investigate further and this has been done. The editorial team managed to steal some precious minutes on the working day of Riccardo Donadon, founder and CEO of H-Farm.

Macitynet: Can you tell Macitynet readers how H-Farm and the Seed Program project were born?

H-Farm: The program was born from the desire to stimulate technological innovation in our country too. H-FARM was also created for this. Italy has nothing to envy from other countries in terms of creativity. Also because being born in a sea of ??problems we have an inventiveness that is not common to other nations. The seed program aims to be a first aid from our. venture incubator to turn ideas into reality. We will finance the best ideas, and many of them have already arrived in the first few weeks.

Macitynet: Do you own an iPhone? What do you think of the Apple smartphone and why did you choose iPhone for your initiative?

H-FarmUno? Fantastic iPhone. And every week that goes by I am amazed at how unprepared the other phone companies are to deal with this scenario. Apple is an extraordinary company that embodies in my opinion the model that will win in the coming years in the field of innovation. A model that is totally based on the mix of designers and engineers. Where the decisive interface design. Technological innovation reaches the general public only if there is first of all innovation in interface design. Innovation that above all must be simplification. Apple all this. Iphone all of this, and we as H-FARM believe in this principle on the whole field of Internet related media.

Macitynet: Have you already identified any particularly interesting sectors for which to develop iPhone applications? How many project proposals have you received to date?

H-FarmWe are evaluating many different things. We are trying to privilege the initiatives that can distinguish themselves from the market for their specificity, also territorial. To date, about 50 proposals have arrived.

Macitynet: The best iPhone business project can be developed in Italy but also in your Seattle location. What are the main reasons for pushing your presence in the USA?

H-FarmThe ability to transform an idea into a product. The huge and aware market. The stupendous cultural propensity of Americans to invest in new ideas. These are the main reasons that prompted us to immediately open a branch there. H-FARM intends to qualify as an international platform for the development and interconnection of startups in the most important markets.

Macitynet: Will there be similar initiatives for the development of applications for the Mac OS X environment? What do you think of the Mac platform today?

H-Farm I don't believe in the short term. Our focus mainly on the internet. iPhone, important because it is the first phone that really carries the internet in your pocket.

Macitynet: Could you offer Macity readers some preview on H-Farm's upcoming initiatives?

H-FarmZOOPPA.COM is expected to land in four new countries in the coming months. An important effort, but we are very excited. It is a 2.0 startup and it is playing a very important role in its sector in the world. We hope we can help you get very high.

This year we will also launch three other very nice startups. One will be in the job sector and it will be very 2.0. Another will be yet another social network very … video. And one of course will be a wonderful application on the iPhone …

We remind interested readers that all the details and information to participate in the SeeD Program project can be found on this page of the H-Farm website. As for Zooppa mentioned by Riccardo Donadon in the interview, it is an innovative Web platform where users and web surfers who enjoy graphics are invited to create an advertisement with a brand assigned to them.

The Zooppa portal assigns a brand to the person concerned who is invited to develop an advertisement. Web surfers give their vote to the advertisements they like best and the best one is rewarded with the Zoop dollars indicated with Zoop $. In practice, Zooppa is an innovative idea that proposes an Internet-based advertising model and contact between users.

The latter are invited not only to create advertising but also from other people's ideas to improve and perfect them: Zooppa encourages collaboration between users by assigning them Bonus Team Prizes.

Recall that the Zooppa or Zoop $ dollars are equivalent to the US dollar and can be converted into real currency when the user reaches an accumulation of at least 1,000 Zoop $. Finally, if the social-web advertising created through Zooppa is chosen by the company whose brand was used in the project, then Zooppa plays yet another important role. It acts as an intermediary between the company concerned and the authors, guaranteeing a minimum and maximum price to satisfy the interests of both parties. It is impossible to deny the genius of the idea and the working mechanism devised for Zooppa: the Macity editorial staff will return to talk about H-Farm and the Seed Program as soon as there is further news for the iPhone project.