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The Dark Knight Rises coming to the Play Store on 20 …

After the huge success ofThe Amazing Spiderman at the cinema, on consoles and on platforms Android is iOS, the turn of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. The game for the green robot, inspired by the film coming out in theaters, will debut on July 20 on Play Store!

Gameloft, famous mobile software house, is preparing for a new success. According to the source, the game in question now close to launch and there are many expectations of the user, especially for the geeks with terminals Nvidia Tegra 3. Here is a video showing the qualities of game.

(yframe url = ?http: // v = IrLplomkO78 ?)

As you can see, the work done by the team of considerable thickness and hardly this title will disappoint the fans of the saga.

Terminals supported still in the shade and price yet to be determined (… most likely the classic 5.49 like any great title) but a really close release date. Appointment therefore to 20 July on Google Play Store!


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