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The CyanogenMod team working on wireless mirroring between devices

One of the news on which some team members CyanogenMod are working on wireless mirroring between Android devices.Koushick Dutta recently showed on the pages of his Google+ profile with another video teaser showing the AirPlay mirroring?From one Android device to another.

The project allows iteration through wireless mirroring an HTC smartphone and a Nexus 10 tablet. This functionality can be used for transmit audio, video or anything else you do on your phone on another mobile device.

Even though it seems a feature that cannot be used in the daily use of our mobile devices, it does streaming from a phone to a tablet it could have far more important and useful consequences. As Koush points out, this could potentially be used with a PC on which it has been installed Android and is connected to the TV, with this setting we could make a video or photo presentation shared with the devices of other users or other useful features.

This was shown with an HTC with installed CyanogenMod, we still have to wait a long time before this functionality becomes available to the end user, even if the developer says that we may have something available soon, probably in the form of Nightly for the testing phase.

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