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The Amazing Spider-Man: unveiled a new trailer and the date of …

As we announced a little over a week ago, after going back online, Gameloftis working on many new games, which will come out one after the other. Today we return to talk to you about The Amazing Spider-Man, the new title of the software house that features spider man, whose we finally know official release date!

The game will retrace the story of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, from the beginning. At the end of the article you can see the video game trailer.

Up to almost three quarters of the video, a presentation of the protagonist is made, which is very reminiscent of i Marvel comics, and that will probably accompany us throughout the game, explaining every aspect of the story. In the last part of the movie, however, we see the spider man in action in the game, with a 3D graphics really very pretty, and apparently cartoon-style.

Finally, in the last few seconds it is revealed how the title will be available for Android and iOS platforms, respectively in the Google Play Store and in the AppStore, starting from June 28, a few days before the release of the film.

We are waiting for a little over a week, to see what this new game will be like. Judging from the trailer, what do you think?

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