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The 6 best Zapier alternatives to automate your work

Automation not only for companies, we too can use automation in our personal lives to make us more productive. We all get the same limited number of hours in a day, however some people seem to get a lot more than others. In addition to other things, automation plays an important role in creating this result gap. Smart work is about eliminating repetitive tasks and focusing on those that deserve our attention. There are many tools that help us automate our lives and Zapier is one of the best among them. But no perfect tool for everyone, because each of us has different needs and programs. In addition, Zapier's prices are not for everyone. So, if you are looking for automation tools other than Zapier that are free or bring other features, we are here for you. Here are the 6 best Zapier alternatives:

1. Integrom

This is the closest service to Zapier in terms of user interface and usability. The animations are smooth and all easy to spot and use. In terms of functionality, I have found it more reliable than Zapier, especially when it comes to complex tasks. In fact, in my short time of using Integromat, I can say with certainty that it is much easier to set up complex tasks using this than any other service on the list. The best part of using Integromat is that offers you a complete visual profile of the activities you created. Each node of the activity represented by a circle that connected to others using dashed lines. It seems that you created a mind map . This gives you a quick overview of which automated activities (scenarios as they call it) that you are using.

You can create any number of scenarios and any scenario at any given time can have n numbers of steps or operations. a true multi-step automation tool. For example, I created a business where every article published on Beebom retrieves it using the RSS feed and sends it to me via email. This was a simple two-step automation. Let's go one step further and create a complex program.

I added a router that allows me to assign different results for the same trigger . I defined the router to send any iOS article to the Evernote and Android article to Google Drive. See how easily I created a path to automate things. Now I have everything I need in my three favorite places. This is just one example, the possibilities are endless. You have to give it a try to fully understand its use cases.

My main break with Integromat and every other automation tool is their pricing strategy. Most of them follow multi-tier subscription-based pricing . You will need to check each of them by visiting their websites. A good thing about Integromat that has a free user account option that gives you limited access to their service, so that you can check it out before buying.

Visit Integromat (limited free use, with subscriptions starting at $ 9 / month)

2. Microsoft flow

If you are looking for something strictly for personal use, check out this offer from Microsoft. The extremely well-designed app. better if you have just started, as it has a wide assortment of models with pre-created flows that you can use to automate your activities. particularly useful if you already use various Microsoft services such as Office 365, OneDrive and OneNote, as with a single authentication can connect all your apps . In other apps, you will need to give permission to all the apps you add one at a time, which may take some time at first. However, this also leads us to one of the disadvantages of this app, you can only access the app using your Microsoft account, there is no other way. But this inconvenience canceled when you see its feature set.

In addition to the Microsoft apps, it also supports over a hundred other apps . It may be lower if you consider other apps on this list, but sufficient from a single user perspective. It is possible to create multiple step automations by defining the exact commands you want. In addition, it has an app for both Android and iOS platforms, which are similar to the functionality of its web app. I consider it easier to create and manage your flows on the website, since you have more screen space to work on. Besides, I told you that totally free ? the only automation app you'll find on the market for free without any restrictions. If you are looking to play the automation game, give this a chance.

Visit Microsoft Flow (free)

3. Apiant

You will notice a trend with all these automation services that focus primarily on the business side of things. I just wanted to get it out of the way, while visiting these services, one might be overwhelmed by the first commercial approach. Apiant supports over 15,000 different apps and it could be overwhelming for some users. But don't worry, you can start with your small-scale automations and then take them from there.

You will find that all your apps have an Apian integration. can create triggers and actions. Needless to say, that there can be multiple triggers and actions in the same sequence. A unique Apiant feature you can order personalized services for you in according to your needs. This is particularly useful if you own a company that uses a different set of tools than those already supported by the platform.

Apian can be used for personal use, but best for entrepreneurs as it is a bit difficult to get around and has a little learning curve associated with it. In addition, it does not have any free use of the account. However, you can use it for a trial period.

Visit Apiant (free trial, with subscriptions starting at $ 19 / month)

4. PieSync

PieSync prides itself as Zapier's direct competitor, so much so that it has a full page on its website dedicated to explaining how better than Zapier. According to the website, while services like Zapier push data to different apps in one way only, PieSync focuses on synchronization of data between apps in both directions . Rather than focusing on this feature, PieSync allows your applications to communicate with each other by synchronizing data with each other in real time. This the better for a company that has a team that works remotely . All their work will be synchronized through the apps giving everyone immediate access to data. also smart enough to find and manage duplicate data points and remove them.

For example, let's say two team members update the same data. During data synchronization, PieSync will know that the data is the same and will only save one data set, thereby removing any duplication. This makes it a useful tool for companies but not so for individual use. If you own a company that relies on employees who work remotely, this may be the app for you. If you are looking for something for personal use only, look at other apps on our list.

Visit PieSync (free trial, $ 14 / month)

5. CloudHQ

If you are a person who uses many different cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Office365 and want to manage them from one place, this is the app for you. even for someone who is too dependent on email for his job. The app focuses only on integration and synchronization between different cloud service providers . It allows you to synchronize your emails between different cloud archives. You can synchronize your contacts, create different email labels to order them and much more. Visit the website to find out more about the functions and how to perform them. If email and cloud storage are your thing, try this.

Visit CloudHQ (free limited use, with subscriptions starting at $ 118 / year)

6. WappWolf

This is for all Dropbox users out there. I know, a product that only supports one service might seem like a niche product, but considering the number of Dropbox users out there, this serves a very large niche. In addition, they have also recently launched a Google Drive automator. A good thing about this service you can choose to give it access to a single folder inside your Dropbox, essentially keeping all other files private.

The user interface is rather simple but works well. You can perform various functions like the saving emails, converting documents into different formats, sending a tweet or a Facebook post . Services are limited but effective. Also, totally free so there is nothing wrong with trying this out.

Visit WappWolf (free)

Bonus: and Flashnode

These products really serve a niche market. focuses only on side marketing some things. You can automate emails, schedule posts on social media, run Twitter campaigns, create and send invoices and much more. If you are looking for a service that automates your marketing, take a look at this.


Flashnode focuses on the e-commerce business . If you are a seller who sells his products on different e-commerce sites, this helps you keep track of all of them. Needless to say, these apps aren't for everyone, but if you're one of those people who work in these niche areas, take a look at them.

Visit Flashnode

Get more done by automating your work with these Zapier alternatives

Automation is a great tool that we can use to get more done in a limited amount of time. Doing repetitive tasks not only kills our time, it also makes our job boring. We should use automation wherever possible to prevent us from falling into the traps of performing repetitive tasks. Remember that being productive and busy are two very different things all together. Well, Zapier's aforementioned alternatives should definitely make things more productive for you. Every tool we mentioned in our article has a free trial of some kind, so try them and decide which one is best for you. Let us know in the comments which one you chose and why.