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ROM Guide | ViperS 5.0.0: Sense 5.0 on HTC Sensation

The Venom team succeeded where even HTC, although it was more a deliberate choice than an impossible one, not arrived, or to make a porting quality and performance of the Sense 5.0 interface, exclusive initial for the One family of devices, only to be supplied to a small circle of devices, on one of the historical models of the Taiwanese company, namely the HTC Sensation.

Below we will illustrate how to obtain the Sense 5.0 accompanied by the release of Android 4.1.2 on your device, both HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE, being the identical models and united by the same firmware, flashing the Rom made available by the Venom team, or the Viper S 5.0.0, setting it in its various points and providing some feedback for those wishing to obtain greater reassurance before proceeding to its test, aspects that will surely be basic for the more experienced.


The Rom created by the Venom team allows you to enjoy all the features introduced with Sense 5.0 on your own HTC Sensation, in fact the rich endowment presenting the standard apps provided in the HTC software packaging:activities,Calculator, Calendar, Auto, Actions, Parent Dashboard, Weather, Child Mode, Music, News and Weather, Notes, Clock, Polaris Office, Mail, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, HTC Watch. Each of these applications can be excluded in the flash phase, saving space, or deactivated at a later time, if it is considered that it cannot be used but would prefer to have it equally available for future use.

The equipment is also completed with a series of services such as Google Apps, pre-installed, and Google Now, updated to the latest versions available, including Voice Search, in addition of course to some applications of the Venom team and ViperS 5.0.0 such as Venom HUB , Venom Tweaks, AdAway and Sound Enhancer, the latter unfortunately one of the few not working.


The first step, obviously, is to download the zip package containing ViperS 5.0.0, called as "ViperS_C2_5.0.0"And with a total weight of 668 MB, available at the following links:

Once obtained you will have to copy it to the card microSD of your HTC Sensation, any suitable directory having no constraints and being able to look for it later in the recovery mode, or the mode in which your device will be restarted once this step has been carried out, optional both from the Power Men, if present in the Rom that you already have on the device , which by selecting the P keysower + Volume down pressing them simultaneously, always after turning off the smartphone.

As always, in mode recovery, we recommend making a backup of the current settings, to prevent any flash errors, so go to "Backup | Restore", Click on the item"Backup"And wait for the operation of saving the system files to be completely completed, after this point you can go to flash of ViperS 5.0.0. It is certainly a good habit to carry out a "Wipe | Format"Before proceeding, although the tool provided by the Venom team is already included, so press on the items"Wipe data / factory reset","Wipe Cache" is "Wipe Battery Stats", The latter useful if you have a charged battery to have a good autonomy calibration.

Once these steps are completed, go to the item ?Install from sdcard" and subsequently "Choose zip from sdcard"Through which you will be redirected to the directory of your microSD where you can search for the zip package"ViperS_C2_5.0.0"And proceed with its installation. Once the flash procedure has started, the Venom tool should appear, the procedure very intuitive and easy to follow, once you accept the terms of use you will have the choice of 4 options:

  • Install without wiping (usable if you have done all the suggested Wipes)
  • Perform a full wipe (usable if you have not performed the recommended Wipe)
  • Update only (if you already have a previous release of the ViperS Rom)
  • Adjust maximum CPU and GPU frequency (aimed at those who have already installed the Rom but want to change the processor clock parameters)

Regardless of whether you have selected the first or the second, among the options proposed, during the procedure you will have to choose the HTC Sensation model in your possession, select the various clock frequencies, and in this case the suggestion to leave the settings as proposed if not you have some experience, and finally select, in a first list, the applications that you don't want to install and, in the second list, the languages ??for the keyboard that you want to install. Confirm all the subsequent items and proceed to the flash which once completed will ask you to restart the device.

Once turned on again, HTC Sensation will refer you to the configuration procedure of the new Sense 5.0, as if you had just purchased the device, once the animation of ViperS 5.0.0 has started you will have to be patient, just for the first start, a couple of minutes before displaying the configuration screen, do not be misled if it should take a while, if you have followed the various steps, the procedure will have been successful.


We had the opportunity to test the Rom for about half a day, very little to be able to express an exhaustive judgment, the first impressions were positive with a good fluidity of maneuver, the HTC Sensation is slow only in cases of excessive stress, therefore not recommended to use particularly expensive hardware applications also with a view to consumption which obviously suffer, even with relatively low overclocking frequency, from the battery limitations, both for use in Wifi than with data plan 3G, although it is easy to use and arrives more than half a day without problems, especially by activating the energy saving mode and keeping the display brightness to a minimum.

Below we offer a roundup of screens showing the different features implemented:

Gallery Viper S5.0 on HTC Sensation

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