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Review | Wings of Fury: attack enemies from the sky

Wings of Fury, one of the best fighter airplane games onGoogle Play arrived to bomb your device. Follow our review to get to know this excellent title.

Really realistic game, which follows in the footsteps of Skies of Glory.You will command a real plane with fuel and oil speedometers, you will also use lacloche to make your airplane take altitude or not, these accessories mainly characterize it. The task is very simple and at the same time difficult, in fact like any airplane it will be very fragile because the enemies from the ground, who will try to defend themselves from your missiles will shoot all their arsenal on you.

All your missions start with the take off from the airportin fact, your first task will be the departure. When you have chosen the equipment of the weapons and you are ready to go, you need to operate the lever on the other left of the screen, bringing it upwards so as to increase the engine rpm and start the takeoff, immediately after you will notice a touchscreen control under the, lever that will serve to raise or lower the airplane in altitude so you can better target enemies in the trenches. Some of them are hidden among the plants and this will make everything more difficult, because if you fly at low altitude there will be the risk of crashing into it.

If you don't hit the enemy on the first try, there is no problem just moving the left or righttouchscreen control and he will turn according to your need so that he can hang up the enemy. Be careful because the fuel and oil will not be infinite, especially if you are hit you will start losing them faster, therefore if you do not want to stay dry you will have to speed up your attacks. Once you have completed all the goals I will report it to you.

Do you think it's over? No your unfinished task you will have to return to the base and land your airplane, you need to lower the power of the engines and lean on the ground as gently as possible, only then you can say I have completed the mission!

The graphics are very simple but at the same time pleasant i suggestive panoramas that you will see behind you are well-designed and excellent for the visual impact, even the well-groomed physics and this will be noticed above all in the release of the missiles.

This title is very complex and full of pitfalls, especially at the beginning, but once you become familiar with the commands, it will be very pleasant and fun.

Wings of Fury available on Google Play both in version Free that in a paid version for the price of 1.18, the difference that the paid one has no advertising ibanner.

As usual we leave you the boxes for download and a short video that will show you the game.

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(App) com.wingsoffurylite (/ app)

(App) com.wingsoffury (/ app)

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