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Review: the game of 100 has arrived on Android!

Brain teaser? For all fans of paper games such as three of a kind or naval battle we want to report today the presence on the Play Store of a title that certainly can not miss on your devices Android, we are talking about the game of 100!

Most certainly the most nostalgic of you will remember the hours spent between the school desks, that time that never seemed to pass and the several times that full inventiveness had to be used to look for ways to not frantically check the clock. Our classmate, a sheet of paper and a couple of pens have come to our rescue several times to run for cover and neglect the time that did not pass, while keeping our brain trained and our eyes open.

The game of 100, among the many scribbles, often proved to be the winning weapon! A little brain teaser which, through a special table, requires us to fill in all the boxes with consecutive numbers from 1 to 100Easy to say, but much less to do, as we have an obligation to fill everything by entering the next number vertically or horizontally by skipping two spaces, one only if you want to proceed diagonally.

The application for Android, fully reflects what we have experienced in the past, without the need to waste paper or smear your work plan. The essential graphics will also come to our aid, providing us with a panel that we will immediately be able to use without particular explanations (if it is still necessary, however, it is possible to have a little look at the rules through the Help button).

A special counter will keep us constantly updated on our maximum score, which will vary according to the time taken to reach it, while through the "New" button we can easily return to the start of the game.

For each number entered, you will get 10 points multiplied by the number itself. For example, entering the number 10 you get 100 points, entering the number 12 you get 120 and so on until the end … Every second spent will see to drop the total of 10 points, so be careful if you want to reach the top of the ranking to challenge your friends in a small logic race.

The game of 100, as previously mentioned, available on the Play Store for a modest sum of 0.99 euros, a very small outlay that will give you hours and hours of healthy mental leisure. We ourselves were immediately captured by its simplicity and, with a bit of effort, we managed to reach the fateful 100 with a score of 43140 points, will you be able to do better?

For more details, below you can find ours Videorecensione, below instead the convenient box to reach the download page on Google Play.

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