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Review | Ninja Slash, a Fruits Ninja style running game

Self Fruits Ninja managed to conquer you, the new title arrived on Google Play could do the same. In Ninja Slash your fingers will once again become very sharp blades. Fruits and other things will not fly on the screen, on the contrary. In addition to having the characteristics of the well-known game, the title is fabulous running game!

Ninja Slash is a classic game that follows the same genre as Skater Boy, but that's not all. In practice, the protagonist, in this case a damsel, cannot stop his run, but only has the possibility of making high jumps.

During his mission he will encounter a multitude of enemies and obstacles that will block his journey. In order to help the protagonist, you will need to use your finger for slice anything that comes close to heroin, named Ran. Your fingers will feel much more accomplished in bringing them down instead of the monotonous fruit. In fact, to make these precise cuts, you will only move the legendary Zantetsuken *. However, the weapon will not have unlimited power and will sometimes deplete its energy. For this reason it is not convenient to waste its power.

Your goal will be to reach the end of each level and to do so you will have to go through bamboo forests, rice fields and other fantastic settings. These too can be sliced ??with your sword.

During the race, in addition to killing the enemies, you will have the opportunity to cut wooden boxes from which money and power-ups * will come out which will allow the protagonist to obtain temporary superpowers. For example, they can jump higher or they will allow you to upgrade your weapon.

In total there will be 50 levels divided into 5 different worlds.

Ninja Slash has an amazing graphics and many special 3D effects. The settings are very colorful and pleasant to see. The game developed with the Unity * graphics engine.

The title has already had enormous success on the App Store and, therefore, Android users were looking forward to it. Its small price, 0.79 , makes Ninja Slash absolutely accessible. The recommended download as the application is fun especially thanks to the mix of genres that it integrates: slice everything and running game!

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Download the APK of Ninja Slash

(App) com.CatfishBlues.Zantetsuken (/ app)

* Unity : Graphic engine capable of creating detailed videogames.

* Zantetsuken: particular sword.

* Power-ups: momentaneeabilit acquired by the protagonist thanks to special objects.

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