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Review | Guns’n’Glory WW2 is off to World War II!

Gunsn?Glory WW2 one of the best games on Google Play under the heading tower defense. Are you ready to leave for the Second World War? have you chosen the flag to defend? then let's start for this review.

As anticipated, Gunsn?Glory WW2 will immediately put us in front of one choice americaniotedeschi? which flag do you want to defend? That's right, the game is based on World War II and as you know these are two of the leading nations. Once you have meditated on which side to bet on, you will be ready to command your army and you can start defending your bases.

Usually gamestower defense make you choose the position of the defenders after which, once positioned, they can only be upgraded but not moved. One of main features of this title the constant manageability and maneuverability of troops, tanks and other means of defense. At each start of the mission you can choose the positioning of the troops but, if the arrow that shows you every time which side the wave arrives from, you can immediately move the army, thus giving support fire on the other needy front.

Yours purpose that of protecting at any cost the bases that will be provided to you. The enemy will attack with several waves and you will have to be able to repel them trying to get you to knock down as few bases as possible.

Between one attack and another, you can recompose your army thanks to the armory that will be able to provide you with fresh forces to deploy in your defensive pattern, all this of course will have a cost. For each attack you will receive a bonus that will fall from heaven and serve you to strengthen morethe army, including the possibility of receiving aspecial attack like that of an airplane that releases bombs and kills enemies immediately.

The cartoon-style graphics, but really very well done with bright and bright colors. The scenarios are mainly warlike and suggestive. In this title, even very combative music will play its part and incite you to attack the enemy

Gunsn?Glory WW2 certainly cannot be missing on the devices of those who love strategic games.

For the first hours of the game it will be exciting, fun and at the same time difficult as the troops will be scarce, but as it progresses we will find it easier and easier to proceed to the victory and consequently it could start to bore a p. All in all with Guns?n?Glory WW2 several hours of leisure are guaranteed!

The game available on Google Play for free, while if you want to remove advertising you will have to spend 3.99 . Here are the download boxes, but first we leave you to the presentation video.

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(App) com.hg.gunsandglory2free (/ app)

(App) com.hg.gunsandglory2 (/ app)

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