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Real Racing, speed and multiplayer challenges on the iPhone

Real Racing, speed and multiplayer challenges on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Firemint has unveiled Real Racing, one of the most promising driving games that should be developed on the iPhone. In addition to taking advantage of the accelerometer of the mobile phone, Real Racing will also offer the interesting possibility to challenge other players via wi-fi connection, or via cellular network.

The unfinished integration: you can create mini-leagues with related tournaments, integrate an application for Facebook or OpenSocial to inform your friends (or challengers) about your connection status and, ultimately, also the option to upload the best performances to YouTube in order to make your records public.

Real Racing is expected to be available before next Christmas; in addition to the iPhone, Firemint's game will also be released for Nokia, compatible with the Symbian operating system. In the meantime, here is a demonstration video of the game at work on the iPhone.

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