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Push services "disappear" from the iPhone Beta Firmware

The push services "disappear" from the iPhone Beta Firmware logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the new Beta version of the iPhone 2.1 Firmware, Apple has removed support for push notification services. This is the ingenious solution that Apple engineers have come up with to make it possible to update programs even when they are not running but are in the background.

The news was reported by several newspapers dedicated to the Mac world, including Appleinsider. The fourth Beta version of Firmware 2.1 brings bugs and problems as usual, and Cupertino also briefly informs that the removed function undergoes "further development" by Apple. The final version of Firwmare 2.1 expected for the month of September.

We remind you that the solution of the push notification services was announced for the first time on the occasion of the presentation of Firmware 2.0 and represents in one fell swoop the solution to the drawbacks of multitasking on pocket devices, which drains computing resources, memory and battery, at the same time offering the possibility of being able to manage applications that must always remain in operation such as GPS assisted navigation, chats and in general applications for instant messaging and communication.

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