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Painter 7 available

Painter 7 available logomacitynet1200wide 1

It was released by Procreate, the new company that Corel has set up to market Mac products, Painter 7. The program, which is the direct heir of the historic Painter purchased by Metacreations who in turn then sold it to Corel, introduces a series of interesting news useful to image creatives and to all those who still regret the extreme versatility of the leadere application in digital "painting". Among the most important innovations are the new watercolor technology and the level called "liquid ink" which imitates the viscosity of the paint.Painter 7 native to MacOs X and therefore uses the new Aqua interface.Painter 7 is priced at $ 499 but can be purchased at special costs by all registered users of Painter 4, 5 and 6. In future, probably in October, versions will also be available in German and French.

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