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OpenClip brings the copy and paste to the iPhone

OpenClip brings the copy and paste to iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Copying and pasting on iPhone is only a matter of time: waiting for an official solution from Apple, if and when it arrives, the open source and nonprofit community OpenClip is already at work to make the basic text editing functions available among all applications and developers who wish to participate in the project. On this page of OpenClip available the list of third-party programs that have joined the initiative and that, in the next versions available on the App Store, will integrate the copy and paste functions not only to inside each application but also between one program and another. These include Dial Zero, Twittelator, Cocktails, American Heritage Desk dictionary, MagicPad, Ultralingua and Wall Street Worlds.

Apple has stated that copying and pasting is not included in the list of functions available for iPhone exclusively for reasons of priority and has not declared itself against the operation. For all these reasons it is legitimate to deduce that Cupertino is copying and pasting for iPhone. In any case and pending Apple, any copy and paste solution must respect the limits imposed by the SDK which establishes that iPhone programs can access and read the files of other software but can only write to their own files. The solution and the environment conceived by OpenClip overcome this obstacle thanks to the creation of a standard position for the clipboard file, valid for all the applications participating in the initiative.

Recall that the first program to make it possible to copy and paste on iPhone, but exclusively within the program itself, was MagicPad, a mini text editor available on the App Store, the price of 2.99 euros: Macity spoke about it previously here.

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