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OfficeXP spot?

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AdCritic an interesting site that catalogs, digitizes and votes the best (but also the worst) advertisements circulating on the web or on television.

At the top of the ranking currently there is a spot that is attributed to Microsoft and, precisely, to the Swiss German branch of the multinational that would have produced these 30 seconds dedicated to OfficeXP.

The advertising is very funny and describes the drama of every man who, sooner or later, engages in one of the most difficult operations in the world … but we do not reveal any further, we recommend seeing it (fortunately, in QuickTime format).

Our perplexities are due to the truthfulness of the source given that the page cited by AdCritic now no longer has this video but the main reason is a "rip-off" that we still remember (they published an Apple-style advertisement called "Espionage" but it turned out to be fruit of pranksters instead of the agency that deals with advertising marketing), and it was a case so striking as to induce Apple to force AdCritic to remove this video from the site. Will this time be authentic or not?

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