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Nike kit coming soon for iPhone

Nike kit coming soon for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

A new version of the Nike Sport Kit for iPod under construction and this time it will also be studied for iPhone. The French site revealed the interesting details of the running tool.

The transalpine web page has some screens that give an overview of the main news. The first and most interesting regards the use of GPS integrated in the iPhone; thanks to it, it will be possible to have ?live? information on the route and the performances that are being achieved. With the current version it is only possible to have an idea of ??the average that is being held, of the speed and distance (in addition to the calories consumed); as these data are provided only using the step (thanks to the sensor in the shoe) they are not always accurate for all runners.

Thanks to the mobile connection, it is also possible to have maps of our journey. Provided they are known to Google.

Secondly, the new version of the "kit" able to show graphs on the route while running; today this information is only available when you connect iPod to your computer via iTunes and go to the Nike site.

How useful and usable this can be while running is difficult to say. Probably, in the writer's experience, meager and schematic information such as that provided by the current Nike + iPod Sport Kit is more than enough, given that already the only one to control the music while running with the player tied to one arm and placed in a case, it can be uncomfortable. Seeing averages and tracks, checking your intentions or results and examining your performance can easily be postponed on arrival at home.

However, the availability of the kit for iPhone in a version that competes with some of the GPS-based running systems that alone cost almost as much as an iPhone certainly an interesting market detail.

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