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New update for 8sms and BBM

I want to report to all Android users, the new update of the well-known messaging applications for Android: 8sms and BBM. As already stated in a previous article, '8sms', the well-known instant messaging application present in the Play Store, has received a new release featuring the initials 1.11.

This new update has introduced brand new news, among which a bug related to the widescreen layout of the quick response popup window has been fixed, then the developers also wanted to introduce a shortcut key for emojis in the popup window for quick response, also the emoticons the emoticons of the iOS 6 operating system have been organized in sections and the emoticons have been introduced. In addition, the developers have also thought of correcting a crash of the application itself and in addition the 8sms app has received the sms counter that make up the text of the message. So, for all those who want to download the update, they can do it for free from the Play Store.

In addition to the '8sms' application, the other messaging app from BlackBerry 'BBM' presents a new release that has already been present for a few days on the virtual store of the Android operating system. However, the update did not introduce any news, but this was an update that aimed to correct numerous bugs and expand the compatibility of BlackBerry's BBM. Also also for this application there is the free update on the Play Store.


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