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New Apple store in new mall.

New Apple store in new mall. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apparently the only diversity of the event, compared to the previous ones, consisted on the day of the inauguration, Friday at 9 instead of Saturday at 10, for the rest all tested and known: a few hundred patrons in line since dawn and also if other popular store openings were planned on the same day, Apple's has upset the security that did not expect much enthusiasm.The opening calendar continues almost linearly, now it seems that the cadence is one a week, in fact next Friday it always touches to the east coast but it moves considerably to the south: in Florida. Apple reports that the eighth American AppleStore (in addition to the "original" one of Cupertino) will be placed in Tampa in the new shopping center (and where else?) from about 385 Km squares, the International Plaza, located very close to the city airport, as we anticipated last week.

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