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Motorola confirms: PPC hanging in the balance

Motorola confirms: PPC in the balance logomacitynet1200wide 1

There is a road map, precise and detailed with lots of times, deadlines and turning points on which the fate of Motorola's semiconductor sector will depend on whether or not to reveal that Schaumburg was getting serious when a few days ago, during a meeting with analysts had indicated the possibility of separating or selling the division that produces, among other things, the PPC processors once again the management of Motorola, as being "under evaluation". Vice President Robert L. Growney has in fact revealed yesterday that the company has established a path, which presumably presents the return to profit as inalienable parameters as well as the increase in sales volumes, which must be carefully pursued. If this is not the case, there will be cuts in personnel and possibly also the abandonment of the sector. Growney did not detect the details of the roadmap. It has only indicated as one of the strategic factors the success in the implementation of gallium arsenide processors, a technology defined as revolutionary and of which we also spoke from Macity a few days ago, which Motorola would first discover how to apply in the production of semiconductors "The processor industry has been waiting for this turn for 30 years," said Growney. I invite you to consider that it is a factor that will have great importance in our future and for our society. It will have a decisive long-term impact on how we will continue to operate in the semiconductor industry. Whether it will be fully integrated into our strategy or not, if we will seek partnerships or if there will be a turn towards a new model of study and transfer of intellectual property "In fact, therefore, the technology of silver arsenide processors, whose implementation is based on hundreds of patents that Motorola intends to license, it seems to be one of the last beaches. Failed the goal of reviving the processor sector, this would have no other chances and alternative strategies would be considered.We remember that one of the most accepted hypotheses that if Motorola really decides to close the Apple processor sector, it could evaluate the possibility of purchasing under license. some patents, in particular those necessary for the construction of PPC processors. Observers are not even ruled out a joint venture between Apple and IBM to take over the entire sector or a partnership with AMD that already collaborates with Motorola today.

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