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Minnesota, great love of Steve Jobs

26 thousand square feet of store in a large shopping mall will be occupied by the fifth Apple store in the state of Minnesota. Only 11 other states have five or more Apple stores and demographic and socioeconomic indicators wouldn't seem to justify it right here. Because Minnesota is not California.

Indeed, despite the large size – 225 thousand square kilometers, that is slightly less than 300 thousand in Italy – it has a population of just 5 million and small inhabitants, large mountains, a large band of border with Canada and above all, the inhabitants earn a little less of $ 56,000 a year on average, less than the American average.

Perhaps Steve Jobs is attached to this central state for his reasons, who joined the Union as 32 (it was 1858, Italy was not yet one) and concentrated in the Twin Cities, the metropolitan area of ??Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Who can say it.

Land of workers, large prairies, intensive agriculture, populated by Northern Europeans and Germans, it has on its side to find good sides a high level of schooling of the population and certainly a spirit of the province that makes it more sensitive to fashions coming from large centers.

The state of the ten thousand lakes, as Americans call it also a land of great natural resources, with forests and national parks little known by European tourists but much loved by Americans. And perhaps this set of factors that justifies all Apple's attention: the serene inhabitants of the state, when they go to the misty shores of Lake Calhoun to fish, I want to have their iPod or iPhone to relax listening to the music and letting it life proceeds tumultuously only in San Francisco and New York.

According to Apple plans, the Apple store at the Grand Place mall in St. Paul will open in early 2009.