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Microsoft, states don't give up

Microsoft, states don't give up logomacitynet1200wide 1

If the Justice Department seems to be on the way to a softening against Microsoft, so much so as to give up asking for the separation in two sections for the Redmond company, the states that are co-plaintiffs in the case for illegal exercise of the monopoly do not think In the same weekend, Elliot Spitzer and Bill Lockyer, respectively general attorney of New York and California respectively, have prevailed in the DOJ following the sources of the press according to which the soft line aimed at a mediated solution would prevail. fact explicitly requested that a careful investigation be carried out on Windows XP and that if necessary to protect the public interest they will request remedies that will go beyond what are deemed appropriate by the Department of Justice. This translated in simpler terms means that California and the state of New York, probably the most influential in terms of political weight among the co-plaintiff states, could still ask for the separation into two sections of Microsoft.

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