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Listen and watch Italian podcasts on PC (Better sites and programs)

Best sites and programs to collect and listen to podcasts of radio, TV and independent authors, on Windows 10 PC

PC podcast When listening to the radio, very often the transmission host says: "You can listen to this program in podcasts"Even if they are very little known in Italy, podcasts allow you to receive updates and be affected by interviews, radio programs and studio recordings without having to open a website and download content to PC (works via the Internet). If we are also interested, let's see in this guide how download and listen to podcasts for free on your computer, recommending only the best free programs compatible with Windows 10 and offering a valuable tool for adding and searching for your favorite podcasts.

How to listen to podcasts on PC

In the following chapters we will show you first of all what a podcast and which free programs we can use to be able to find and play it on our PC. Most of the recommended apps are available in the Windows 10 store, so make sure you have the latest version of the Microsoft operating system before continuing.

What a podcast?

A podcast there collection of audio or video files transmitted by a podcaster which, generally, a TV channel, a radio station or any website or blog that broadcasts and records multimedia content. Via a podcast player Yes they can listen, watch and download audio or video broadcasts to your computer at any time, by browsing the various files quickly. Podcast "height =" 192 "src =" "

The podcast is the same as the RSS feed to learn the latest news and to receive updates from the sites or newspapers that we follow, only that it contains a video and audio file to be played. It goes without saying that, in order to hear or see podcasts, programs designed for the purpose must support the podcast feed or integrate within them search engines for the most popular podcasts (possibly in Italian).

Best programs and sites to follow, save and collect podcasts to listen to

1) The most used Podcast Player on computers, able to work with any browser and on any operating system that has an Internet connection, even one of the best feed readers that is Feedly. Feedly "height =" 168 "src =" "

Once you have subscribed to the baster service, press the + symbol on the side and start a "podcast" search, taking care to select the Italian language. As search results we will obtain the feeds of the podcasts available in Feedly, we will only have to add our sources bookmarks and listen to audio recordings directly from the site or watch streaming videos.

2) Another very good online Podcast Player and the famous in Italian Spreaker, an online service that can be used for free to collect and listen to podcasts from websites and, above all, independent authors. With Spreaker, in fact, everyone can create their podcast to be published online and let everyone listen.

3) If for podcasts we are looking for a program that downloads videos or audio files and allows listening even offline, we can use iTunes, Apple's handyman player.iTunes "height =" 170 "src =" / iTunes_P "

By downloading the player on our PC with Windows we can immediately subscribe to your favorite podcasts simply by pressing the Podcast icon in the left sidebar and using the Store tab to search for podcasts to be played. A variety of free content and entire episodes of radio or television programs are available from iTunes, so you can always stay up to date.

4) If we are looking for another great podcast player that also allows you to listen to music, we can try the Spotify Music app on Windows 10.Spotify Music

By opening the side menu Browse and using the search field at the top we can discover the podcasts of the Italian radio stations and the most famous podcasts made by the music artists, with the possibility of adding them to our library and always being updated on the new podcasts loaded, so as to be among the first to listen new content released as a podcast. The advantage of Spotify that synchronizes content on smartphones and other computers, so that podcasts are always at hand.

5) Another valid source of free music-themed and non-SoundCloud podcasts, which we can use on Windows with the app Audiocloud.Audiocloud "height =" 172 "src =" "Audio"

With this app installed on the computer we will be able to listen to all the podcasts released for free on the free streaming platform, so that we can also follow the interviews with indie singers and the podcasts of amateur radio, thus expanding the listening possibilities well beyond simple music.

6) A convenient program to manage podcasts on the computer VLC, the videoplayer for watching videos on Windows, Linux and Mac, which I have already talked about in the past. With VLC you can add podcasts to listen to using the men View> Ladder .

7) On Windows 10 PC, in addition to Spotify, there are several free applications to listen to podcasts available online. Among these we have tried Pocket Cast, a popular podcast service available on many platforms, with variable speed controls, a dark theme and listening progress.Pocket Casts DesktopThis app specially designed to listen and view podcasts allows you to search for streaming material directly from the menu Discover, where you can add and follow podcasts released all over the world. On a graphic level, without a shadow of a doubt one of the best, with all the control buttons at the bottom (also to go back or go forward for a few seconds) and the podcasts already added in the menus in the left bar of the app.

8) Excellent too MusicBee, one of the best media players for Windows 10, which can also work well with podcasts. oriented more to the reproduction of content saved on the disc, so if you download podcasts to your PC, you can listen to them through the highly customizable interface of MusicBee which can also synchronize content on multiple devices.


Podcasts are still not very widespread in our latitudes, but perhaps represent the best tool to listen to a television or radio program that we missed, to listen to the advice of an expert or to follow the radio and interviews with some singers or music groups without having to look for them on YouTube or similar every time.

If we are passionate about RAI radio for example, in addition to podcasts we can listen to the radio live from the website or apps, as seen in our guide RAI radios streaming on the internet and on the appIf we are looking for a good way to listen to streaming music for free and without limits, we can rely on the advice seen in our article. Unlimited streaming music for PC and smartphoneIn another article we also showed you where Free download Italian audiobooks in mp3, ideal for those who want to listen to a book read by engaging voices.