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List of the 5 best email clients for iPhone


What are the best iPhone email clients? What are the best programs to manage email on iPhone?

Here is the list of the 5 best clients to manage email on iPhone and Apple devices.

Do you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad? Maybe you are interested in using an alternative client to manage emails on your device, especially considering that the Mail program used by default by Apple, however good and well optimized it may be, certainly not the best ever.

Here, then, is a nice list of the 5 best programs to manage emails on iPhone, iPod and iPad. These are 5 excellent programs, which will allow you to take full advantage of your device to manage email on the move.

Let's see the list immediately.

List of the 5 best email clients for iPhone

1. Sparrow:

It is perhaps one of the most famous programs to manage email on iPhone. It has an exceptional design, very efficient and offers many advanced and very useful features. It offers swipe functions to manage emails, commands at a tap, offers IMAP and POP support and synchronizes with all major mail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Mobile Me and others personalized.

A really perfect program to manage email on iPhone.

2. eMailGanizer Pro

The second program that I present to you eMailGanizer. This is also very powerful, well-kept and well made. It synchronizes perfectly with Outlook, integrates with the iPhone's agenda and intelligently filters incoming emails. It allows you to archive emails quickly and easily, to create various folders and synchronize with Hotmail, Exchange / Outlook, IMAP (Gmail, Rackspace, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud and many others).

3. iMailG for Gmail and Google Apps:

iMailG only supports Gmail and in practice nothing more than a direct link to GMail's mobile interface, with the difference that it allows you to natively set a password to block access to the email. Convenient for not letting others read our personal emails. It also offers other useful features, but definitely less complete than the other two programs. In addition to email, it allows you to manage all the other Google apps quickly and easily.

4. Group Email:

Group Email an email client particularly suitable for reading emails and sending documents in attachment, both to individuals and to groups of contacts or distribution lists. It is a powerful and professional client that allows you to attach photos, videos, documents, location and address information, audio clips and much more to emails. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, really well done. It supports the IMAP protocol and allows you to save documents received via email on the main cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive.

Group mail

5. Gmail:

The official Google client, recommended if you have a GMail email. The cute and well-made design syncs perfectly with Google mail and supports up to 5 different accounts. Must try for those with Gmail.

Obviously, as often happens, there are many other programs to manage mail and emails on iPhone, iPod and iPad. These, however, are the best available and the ones that I would recommend personally.

If you use others, let us know in the comments which your favorite email client on Apple devices.

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