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Lawsuit against Palm

Case against Palm logomacitynet1200wide 1

Are Palm trees capable of damaging computer motherboards? The alarming (and in some ways rather incredible) announcement comes from California where a group of users has filed a complaint against the Santa Clara company to ask for the damages resulting from a bad engineering of its PDAs that would have caused malfunctions of the CPUs which they were perfectly connected for synchronization. At the moment the cause has not yet been clarified in its outlines and not specified which PC brands would suffer damage from synchronization. Palm itself is unaware of the details of the complaint and claims to be unable to provide precise indications. The law firm pursuing the case, solicited by several American newspapers, has not presented any explanation. Finally, sector analysts, such as Rob Enderle of Giga Group who closely follows the fate of Palm, claim to have never had news of damage from synchronization. Everything casts some doubt on the consistency of the cause which, in any case, does not seem affect Mac users in any way.

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