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Things are not always as simple and linear as they appear at first glance. For example, when Microsoft says that PC manufacturers can sell their computers without any desktop icon it means exactly this but it does not mean, as someone intended, that the desktop can be customized as they see fit and that the desk, one of the most important "places" of an operating system, both those who assemble and sell the machine have returned. On the contrary, it continues to belong to Microsoft. It is not possible to think after reading that when XP is available and the first machines with the new OS will begin to circulate the only way to put something on the desktop for manufacturers will be to also include what Microsoft wants, namely: IE icon and Windows Media Player icon, as well as the trash can. The only alternative is to install an operating system with a completely white and immaculate desk. Therefore, those OEMs who began to fantasize about the possibility of "renting" their desktops, perhaps exclusively, to some large reality of the IT, such as Real Networks or AOL. There may also be icons, but they will have to compete with those of Microsoft, to raise concern among groups committed to fighting Microsoft's tactics and monopoly, in particular the Windows Media Player icon. Winning the battle of browsers for the company in Redmond just the new front that of digital content for which WMP is an essential strategic weapon because it can play audio and video, burn and manage MP3 audio. It is no coincidence that Microsoft allows you to remove the IE and MSN Explorer icons but not to delete that of Windows Media Player from the start menu.

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