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Jobs responds about iPhone software crashes

Jobs responds about iPhone software crashes logomacitynet1200wide 1

Always an AppleInsider reader and once again a response from Steve Jobs on a widespread problem, but not yet officially recognized by Apple, which also indicates the date of the possible solution. After yesterday's email from a user tired of the iPhone 3G reception problems, to which Steve Jobs himself would have replied, today another case for a completely different problem. Once again, he is a reader of the Appleinsider site who, tired of the constant crashes when starting the applications downloaded from the App Store, wrote a protest email addressed to the Apple co-founder. The answer signed Steve, and with the usual direct and absolutely laced style, was not long in coming: "This is a known iPhone bug and that will be corrected in the next software update in September".

Less talked about and perhaps even less heard about iPhone 3G reception problems, the inconvenience shows itself with the temporary start of the chosen program which then closes immediately making the iPhone home screen appear. The problem does not occur with the iPhone standard programs but only with the applications downloaded from the App Store. Still, the problem seems to affect software installed directly from the smartphone more often and less those downloaded via iTunes and the App Store. The origin of the problem seems to go back to iTunes and more precisely to incorrect management of the permissions associated with each program.

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