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iPhone vs BlackBerry: Apple and RIM cheer at others' expense

According to a recent ChangeWave survey, carried out on a basis of about 3600 users, RIM seems not to have particularly suffered from the entry into play of the new iPhone 3G. This not only for the loyalty that users of the Canadian company tend to demonstrate towards the BlackBerry, but also thanks to the next launch of the new devices, the now known Bold, Thunder and Kickstart. An average of around 15% of respondents would plan to purchase one of the three devices mentioned.

On the other hand, Apple would also have started building a solid user base; RIM remains a leader in the US smartphones market, but Apple is acquiring shares, both among its most loyal users and with respect to the competition.

The most interesting point concerns the competition: the idea that emerged from the survey and from the conclusions of ChangeWave would suggest that between the two quarrels … the third cries. In fact, in the clash between Apple and RIM the most unfortunate would be the other contenders, to whom the two giants would be corroding market shares.

Palm, Motorola and Smasung – to name a few – would be observing an inexorable drop in their presence in the pockets of users, increasingly inclined to buy a BlackBerry or an iPhone. Ultimately, if things continue like this, both RIM and Apple would have won and a two-man challenge would emerge in the future.