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iPhone the launch of 22 already has 17 nations pending

the picture of the 20 nations that will join the iPhone 'club' starting from July 22 is almost outlined. During the day, after India, Singapore and Chile, of which we said this afternoon, it was learned that the phone will be made available by America Movil, in 9 countries of South America: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras , Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. More less in the same countries the iPhone should be offered by the competitor Telefonica Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Per and Uruguay.

It should be noted that Brazil is not included in the list where some regulatory difficulties obviously continue to persist. As known and reported by Macity in the largest and most populous of the nations of the subcontinent, the phone must go through a severe certification process to be put in stores.

The iPhone will also arrive in some Eastern European countries: Poland (with two operators, Orange and Era), Romania (Orange), Estonia (Emt, a subsidiary of Telia Sonera), Czech Republic (O2). According to what is learned from the operator's website, iPhone will also be available in the Philippines. In all these are 17 countries. The count is still missing three of the 20 mentioned at the beginning. it is likely that the list will be renewed and completed within the next few hours.