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iPhone in Russia in 2009: news also for Australia and Japan

iPhone in Russia in 2009: news also for Australia and Japan logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Russian website Vedomosti announces that the marketing of the iPhone 3G in the country will begin in 2009. The statement was released by Yevgeny Butman, director of the Apple retailer for Russia. Recall that despite the absence of an official distribution, Russia remains one of the countries globally with the highest number of iPhone users: it is probably the most conspicuous gray market on a global level. The operator who will market the iPhone has not yet been announced but Megafona claims to have been in talks with Cupertino for the launch of the iPhone 3G for some time.

The other international iPhone news concerns Japan where the operator Softbank has cut the monthly rates for the Apple smartphone and also in Australia which is preparing to welcome the fourth operator to market iPhone. In the land of the Rising Sun, the largest local mobile operator announced today that it will significantly reduce the monthly rates for iPhone 3G users: from the previous 7,280 yen, around 43 euros, the new minimum rate drops to 2,990 yen, equal to only 17 euros about.

In Australia iPhone is already marketed by three operators: Vodafone, Optus and Telstra. From a few days to the first three, Virgin Mobile Australia has also been added, making it the fourth authorized. On this Virgin Mobile Australia web page you can consult the proposed subscription plans that start from 70 Australian dollars per month, about 41 euros, for a monthly call value of 520 dollars plus 1 GB of data taffico.

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