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IPhone Firmware 2.02 released

IPhone Firmware 2.02 released logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple released the update to version 2.02 of the iPhone Firmware a few minutes ago. As always, Apple says practically nothing about the update, limiting itself to emphasizing that it contains new features that improve the compatibility of the phone and repair some bugs.

The most natural hypothesis that the update could improve the quality of 3G reception, one of the problems most highlighted by phone users. In reality, the first findings found on the Apple support forums itself do not seem to give evidence to this thesis. Rather, there are some other problems, introduced by the update which would determine a sort of "bombardment" of the DRM system that verifies the validity of the applications with some of the programs that stopped working.

As always, only those who have the certainty of what they are doing and have not modified iPhone with third-party products, for example by implementing jailbreaking, can proceed without too many worries with the update.

Firmware 2.02 weighs around 250 Mb and downloads from iTunes.

For a comparison on experiences and to know what users who have already installed the new version are experiencing, you can visit this topic in our forum

Thanks for the report to Federico Berti, Diego Turri, Massimiliano Bucciol.

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