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iPhone Firmware 2.01, sim unlock more difficult

The update to version 2.01 of the iPhone software is only apparently an innocent update that repairs some bugs in the phone's operating system. In reality, the update modifies the baseband, the software that manages iPhone communications making it much more difficult to study a system to unlock the phone. The news comes from the iPhone Dev Team, the group of independent developers who have created some of the main systems to open the mobile phone to both third-party applications and unauthorized Sim cards.

In a message posted online during the evening, the team claims to have identified some tricks that would nullify all the steps taken so far for the Sim unlock. The solidity of the changes is unknown since up to now version 2.01 has not been carefully studied, but the risk that, if nothing else, the unlocking of the mobile phone has significantly differed over time seems to be considerable.

What this means soon said. For those who, like the Italians, have a fully unlocked 3G phone, it means practically nothing in terms of network functionality. Applying version 2.01 the iPhone will remain as it is today. Those who have an unlocked iPhone Edge need not fear anything; the previous version of the phone has been unlocked and everything is known about it. Even if something unpleasant should happen, such as the blocking of the mobile phone, a Pwnage Tool will soon arrive that will provide the unlock and give the "free exit" to the phone. At the moment the previous version of Pwnage Tool for does not work with Firmware 2.01.

Some problems start to arise if you have a jailbreak iPhone 3G. certain that the update makes you lose the possibility of installing applications that are not "signed" by Apple and therefore renders unsold programs on the App Store unusable.

Even more worried, according to the developers of the iPhone Dev Team, those who continue to plan the purchase of a locked phone in some foreign country. At this point in the history of the iPhone 3G there is still no system to release the Sim and thanks to the iPhone Firmware 2.01 the date could be shifted, as far as it goes, more than the release date could have been thought. Admitted then that this date may arrive, since no one can say not only when but not even if the iPhone 3G will be unlocked; on the other hand, the firmware version 2.1 should arrive in September and it is very probable that Apple at that point may have introduced other novelties regarding the armoring of the iPhone's heart.

In short, buying an iPhone stuck abroad, contractual contortions aside, was and remains a matter of dubious convenience.