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iPhone 2.01 and the mysterious error 0xE8000001

iPhone 2.01 and the mysterious error 0xE8000001 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Are you among those who have updated iPhone to version 2.01 and, after receiving an invitation to update the "manager settings", do you receive a strange error message 0xE000001? Comfort yourselves, you are not alone. The problem seems to manifest itself on a global scale, with most (if not all) customers who use iPhones with operators such as Vodafone Italy, Tim, Vodafone Portugal, Telcel in Mexico, Mobistar in Belgium, "Three" in Hong Kong, only for mention some.

The mysterious error message has been noticed by Macity since this morning. Even our editors in possession of an iPhone 3G were "victims" of it and had accounted for it from the site. For other several Italian users, almost all those who have updated iPhone to version 2.01, found themselves in front of the error message. Later in the day it became immediately clear that it was a large-scale problem, as shown by the messages posted on the Apple forum and to which Cupertino must put his hand.

Anyone who is faced with the cryptic message, in any case, does not have to worry. In practice, the "manager settings" have to do with some particular settings of the mobile operator (presumably the APN); their non-updating does not cause any problems in the current state of affairs. For this it is enough, at least for now, to simply ignore the message. If you really can't stand the idea of ??having an iPhone not totally updated, the alternative is to try to restore the iPhone (instead of a simple update. You will lose a lot of time and multimedia files, but as testified in our forum, the message should disappear; conditional obligation because for someone it has not disappeared at all.

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