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Intel pushes the Pentium 4

Intel pushes Pentium 4 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Prices increasingly in the PC world. Yesterday, in fact, the first Pentium 4-based computers arrived on the market for less than $ 800, a very low figure, almost unthinkable if we consider that the processor is the penultimate generation, from 1.5 GHz. of traditional memories, abandoning the more expensive Rambus. Previously the cheapest of the Pentium 4s cost at least $ 1000. The turning point was made possible by the implementation of a new chipset, called 845 which also supports standard memories and not only the expensive Rambus. Now in the Intel world there are three different levels of configurations: the one that presents the Celeron processors, those with Pentium 4 processors and traditional memories and those with the 850 chipset that only supports the Rambus. According to observers, Intel's (suffered) decision to allow the Pentium 4 to communicate also with traditional memories will determine a decisive abandonment of the Pentium III that most of the producers continued to assemble for economic reasons. At Intel, the turning point was decided to encourage the definitive adoption of the new processor which was struggling to impose itself on the market due to the economic impact that it had on the final price of the machine. From the point of view of consumers, the decision to buy a Pentium 4 with SDRAM memories instead of RDRAM will not be without consequences. A car configured without Rambus could be 10 to 15% slower than one with more expensive Ram.

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