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Instagram: the first advertising banners have started

Needless to be surprised, the possibility that Instagram integrates advertising into its interface, a legitimate deduction for some time considering the scope of use that the application boasts, had been officially announced for some time.

What is actually surprising is the start of the project which yesterday saw the appearance of the first advertisement, with almost two months in advance compared to the timing initially foreseen, following the advances provided a few weeks ago to the letter, or with the appearance of the wording, in the upper right area, of the item ?Sponsored"Which remains equally eliminable, for a first period a motivation will be required, given that Instagram will collect for evaluations of marketing for the purpose of improving ads.

The first advertising banner, as it was possible to foresee, was not disseminated by giving space to entrepreneurs or random products, but to brands and prominent users such asMichael Kors, whose account has a value of 1.7 million followers. According to estimates released in the last few hours, the insertion of advertising within the interface should guarantee Instagram's revenue for the next year of the scope of $ 340 million, a real deal that will have to be protected from attention to the user, avoiding the loss of the latter due to invasive or out of control advertising, a factor that for now seems to have been well managed by the developers of the application.


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