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Instagram: new version coming soon with messaging services

The event today 12 December saw the presentation by Instagram,of a new messaging service integrated into the photographic social known by millions of users. This will allow users to send messages containing images and videos to friends, introducing a sort of conversation between users.

These news will come through a updating which will be available today, it is the version 5.0 which will be downloadable directly from the Play Store. Once the message has been sent, the user will return an image showing (under the photo) the profile picture of the person who sent the message to the person to whom it was sent. In addition, a check mark will appear when the message is displayed and a heart will appear if the recipient likes it.

Aside from simply viewing the image, the conversation takes place underneath it, and the user will be able to chat with the people to whom the message was sent. These messages were called "Moments"And they will all be in your inbox and can be revisited later. Those who receive the message will be notified of new messages in the upper right corner of the application itself.Instagram Direct will not bring any spam or filled mailboxes, anyone can send an image, but inbox notifications will only be received from the people followed. So, no inbox overflowing with spam messages. Otherwise, all new messages from people we do not follow will be displayed in the pending requests section of the app.

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