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In Dell's return to music there is a former Apple executive

In Dell's return to music there is a former Apple executive logomacitynet1200wide 1

Bucher a veteran of Steve Jobs: he worked with him first in NeXT and followed him on his return to Apple, always holding key roles in Mac development up to the position of head in charge of the hardware. Macity talked about it in this article. The resignation of the manager, which took place only a few months after the promotion, was personally requested by Jobs who in a personal interview with Bucher had indicated the reasons for manic depressive problems reported by other employees. The details are in the public domain because immediately after leaving Apple as requested by Jobs, Bucher sued Cupertino claiming that the mental problems were completely false. The lawsuit ended, obviously without any comment from both sides, in 2005. In the meantime Bucher founded his own company Zing to create a platform for the sale and use of music and digital media that exceeded the limits of the market-leading solution. , iPod plus iTunes.

About a year ago Dell acquired the Zing software, perhaps already anticipating a return to the digital music sector. Recently numerous and authoritative newspapers have repeatedly dealt with Dell's products and new strategies for returning to the sector already abandoned in 2006, plans and strategies in which Zing and the skills of the former executive Apple Bucher play a leading role. Macity has already mentioned it here. BusinessWeek also dealt with the topic and in relation to the ancient disagreements between Jobs, Apple and Bucher, the latter interviewed stated that in the project and in the new Dell challenge in Cupertino there are only economic and business reasons, therefore ultimately nothing personal. . Bucher has worked alongside Jobs since the 1980s in NeXT and still claims to be a huge admirer of Apple's CEO today.

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