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iHome iH41BR, speaker / alarm clock for iPod (touch)


From iHome comes another interesting accessory, the iH41BR, this time dedicated to the iPod touch. Basically it is a "made for iPod" clock / alarm dock speaker, with EXB (TM) Expanded Bass and Reson8 technology for sound enhancement, snoozer and remote control. In addition to being compatible with iPod touch, it will be possible to connect iPods without a dock or other sound diffusion devices with audio line-out via a 3.5mm jack.

The particularity of the accessory that can be used both vertically and horizontally: thanks to the possibility of overturning the iH41BR by 90 degrees, audio listening can be combined with a wider horizontal view of the image and movies on the screen.

Obviously, this functionality can be best exploited with iPod touch, but nobody forbids being able to buy the iHome accessory and then use it with another iPod model with a dock. This will allow you to connect the appropriate iPod to listen to the songs contained and load it at the same time.

Finally, the iH41BR can be used both in a portable way, thanks to the integrated battery, and connected to the power supply, through the power adapter. The cost of the iHome iH41BR of $ 79.99; remember that iHome products are distributed in Italy by ADL.