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I Am Rich, (ex) provocation on the App Store for the wealthier

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Even the newborn App Store is not exempt from provocations: just today a "strange" iPhone application appeared on the iTunes online store: "I Am Rich". The program seemed useless enough: it did nothing but show a bright red jewel and invited to click on it to discover the secret mantra to stay rich, healthy and successful.

Obviously, the application represented more of a grip for the bottoms, starting from the cost: 999.99 dollars for a useless software, without any sense.Maybe Armin Heinrich, author of I Am Rich, just wanted to launch a provocation towards all those who can spending money to buy a useless program (which was perhaps an indirect message to the plethora of underproductive apps on the App Store?).

Or a gesture that would like to cast some shadow on the application approval process on the App Store, so ineffective as to allow the publication of a similar program?

The fact is that the Apple seems not to have liked and after a few hours I Am Rich was removed from the online store dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch. We doubt that someone has bought it in the meantime.

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