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How to spot fake apps or games on the Play Store

Of the latest statistics that have appeared on the net in recent days, they have underlined how the phenomenon of bogus apps or games on the Play Store is still present and relevant, 1.2% of all content in the Google store dedicated to the Android world appears to have been inserted with the aim of deceiving the user and stealing money. Today we are going to see some practices advice on how to avoid incurring these scams, going to find fake applications or games on the Play Store.

These applications or games are harmful both for the Google ecosystem, but also for users, who often throw money in the wind to buy them convinced that they are original applications, but not so. They appear completely similar to the "real" ones as images, description and the rest but then in addition to tapping money to users they can represent a danger to their and device's security.

Take for example Oceanhorn, the game inspired by the Zelda series of iOS, which for not available for Android, but if we look for that name in the Play Store we find it, complete with images and corresponding description. Here are some simple tips to avoid scams:

Check out the developer

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<p style=We always take Oceanhorn as an example, the original game developed by Cornfox & Bros and published by FDG Entertainment. The fact that "Jotolo" indicated as the author of this Android application is a sure sign that this turns out to be a false. Check online who are the developers or the manufacturer of the game or application you want to buy, be careful that some scam artists have even managed to copy the names of the original developers.

Read the reviews

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<p style=You may also be the first to fall into these scams, but always check the reviews of other users, you may find interesting indications, if you see multiple pages of comments, scroll all of them, the counterfeiters could cover the negative reviews by inserting new ones and sending these on the second page.

Check the size of the download

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<p style=In the case of Oceanhorn the download size on iOS is over 100 MB, while the one in Google Play of only 11 MB, this gives you the idea that a large and well-known title certainly cannot have a few megabytes of downloads.

Check out the other games or apps of the developer

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<p style=In the case of applications or games known, the distributor or developer usually not certainly at his first experience, so take a look at the other applications attributable to the developer, this could be very helpful to find fake apps and games.

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