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How to install WhatsApp on Android WiFi tablets [Guida]

As we all know the messaging application Whatsapp one of the most used worldwide on our smartphones, at the moment this application does not have a version that works even on tablets with Android operating system, but thanks to the guide we are going to see today we will have the possibility of having WhatsApp working on our Tablet that have only WiFi connectivity, let's see how.

Before leaving with the guide on how install WhatsApp on your Android WiFi tablet, we must make two very important clarifications on this procedure.

  • As mentioned in the introduction, this guide works only on Android tablets with only WiFi connectivity, therefore on the models also 3G does not work,
  • In order to use WhatsApp on the tablet, you must have a second phone number, different from the one used by the application on your smartphone, therefore you cannot use the same number on smartphones and tablets. Some have also tried with their home numbers and it seems to work, obviously you will have to check the code by phone.


  • Go Contacts EX(downloadlink 1, link 2, link 3)
  • WhatsApp Messenger(Download)
  • A file manager to install apps.
  • On your Android tablet, enable the item "unknown sources" in the Settings> security menu

Guide to installing WhatsApp on Android WiFi tablets

  • as a first step, install Go Contacts EX on your tablet, in this way you will create a telephone interface on your device, which is used to make WhatsApp work,
  • now install WhatsApp on the tablet, indicating the chosen telephone number for verification (other than the one used on the smartphone), wait for the verification SMS to be sent or carry out the verification by calling,
  • enter the verification code in WhatsApp and launch the application, you will now find it working on your WiFi tablet.

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