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How to enable the Ok Google command in Italian on Android 4.4 …

A new features of the latest operating system Android 4.4 Kitkat that of the Google Experience Launcher, which allows in English to start the voice search by pronouncing the command "Ok Google" from the home of the device, a p as happens on Google Glass. Thanks to an Italian developer we have the guide to enable this command also on Android 4.4 in Italian. let's see how.

The guide allows you to enable this command also in other alternative languages ??among which we find Italian, German, French, Japanese and Spanish. Here are the requirements for driving:

  • Android 4.4 or hotword Ok Google working in English (US) on your device,
  • android with root permissions,
  • 20 MB of free space in partition / system for each languages ??you want to enable.


  • first open the shell from adb and type the command ?adb shell ",
  • get root permissions and mount the / system partition in with write permissions

sumount -o rw, remount / system

  • now go to the system / usr / srec / folder and look at the contents:

cd / system / usr / srecls -l

  • copy the contents of the en-US folder to a new one and name it with language code you want to enable

cp -r en-US it-IT

(The languages ??supported by google now standard are it-IT for Italian, de-DE for German, es-ES for Spanish, ja-JP for Japanese, fr-FR for French)

  • fix the permissions to 755 of the newly created folder,

chmod 755 it-IT

  • fix the permissions to 644 of the files contained in the new folder

cd it-ITchmod 644 *

  • return the / system partition to read-only permissions, close the shell and restart the device

mount -o ro, remount / systemexitexit

adb reboot

  • after reboot, set the language to enabled (Italian) and try to pronounce Ok google .

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