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How to convert websites to pdf format with android

The network is an almost inexhaustible source of information of various kinds. For many reasons one needs to have this information not only offline but also in an absolutely portable format on any operating system. Currently the only format that meets this need is the pdf format. The Portable document file, pdf, a text file capable of perfectly integrating text and images. The success of this format also depended on Adobe's choice to distribute this open format. This led to a great development of applications for reading and writing files of this type. Returning to the topic of this article Android makes available to smartphones Web to Pdf, an add-on for the famous web browser Dolphin.

The use of this application Android free very simple. Once installed go to the web page that you decided to save in pdf format. So you need to touch settings. From there a list will be displayed containing all the applications installed on the web browser and choose Web to Pdf. Once you have touched the corresponding button, a small dialog box comes out with a text box where you must enter the name of the file to be saved, the cancel button to stop the action and finally the save button to save the file. Tapping the save button will download the file to the default Dolfin download folder.

Web to Pdf a very useful application for those who want to save entire websites, including text and images, directly on their device Android.

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