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Haptic Keyboard, to add vibrating feedback to the iPhone keyboard


Haptic Keyboard: Add vibration feedback while typing on the iPhone keyboard

IPhone owners, here is a Cydia tweak that will allow you to add tactile feedback while typing emails, texts and messages with your smartphone.

Haptic Keyboard

Who has an Android smartphone can have this default feature on their smartphone: in fact, when typing a message, the keyboard automatically returns feedback, a slight vibration, which simplifies the creation of messages, texts and emails.

Apple, however, does not provide this possibility on its smartphones. Here, then, comes a Cydia tweak to solve this problem.

So on Cydia he landsHaptic Keyboard, a free tweak that can fill this gap.

Let's see how it works in detail.

Haptic Keyboard a light and very simple tweak to use: after having installed it, in fact, we will not find any icon on the Springboard, let alone a few sections in the settings menu. The tweak will always be active without needing to set it. NIf we want to disable it, we will necessarily have to uninstall it from the system. A small flaw that we hope will be corrected with a future update of this excellent tweak.

The new tweak onCydia, but competes with another product developed by the famousRyan Petrich, who has long since releasedHapticPro.

What changes between the two? The substantial difference between the two tweaks lies in the price (the first free, the second paid) and the ability to set various parameters.

Both tweaks, for obvious reasons, consume a lot of battery, especially if you often use your device for writing.

The advice then to testHaptic Keyboardto evaluate the real utility of the function, to then decide later on whether to switch toHapticProor to completely uninstall the tweak.

We remember thatHaptic Keyboard available for free onCydiain the repo ofBigBossand compatible only with iPhone, since both iPad and iPod do not have the device vibration module.

Try it and let us know what you think of this excellent tweak to have the vibration while typing emails and messages on the iPhone. Very comfortable for me, but, for some of you, it could be almost annoying.

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