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Hangouts Widget: the unofficial widget thanks to XDA Developers

Only recently Google Hangouts has assumed a primary role within the eco-system Android, not only thanks to the review of the instant messaging service but also with the centrality assumed in sending and receiving SMS / MMS having replaced the Messages system app, the latter which will be definitively shelved with the next releases of Android 4.4 KitKat.

Despite these great advances, the Google Hangouts app continues to suffer from a small lack which for many users can represent a considerable nuisance, i.e. the absence of a specific widget to have an eye on, with a simple swype, all received messages. To the surprise of a developer of XDA wanted to end 2013 in the best way by publishing on Google Play Store a very particular app, which we are sure will be appreciated by many of you, let's talk aboutHangouts Widget.

Hangouts Widget, as can be deduced from the name itself, the first widget, obviously unofficial, available for Google Hangouts within the store. The app offers a single widget solution adaptable to any screen need and context, not surprisingly resizable, also boasts a minimal design that fits in well with the reference app, becoming a perfect extension that you can hardly do without , the only flaw is currently the compatibility limited only to a limited circle of devices and the release Android 4.3.

Below is the link to the Google Play Store to test it:

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