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Guide to install Windows 8 on Mac


Complete guide and video to install Windows 8 on Mac

Today I point out an interesting guide that will explain step by step the steps to follow to install Windows 8 on your Mac.

Maybe, intrigued by Microsoft's new OS, you decided to try it on your Apple computer, but don't know how to proceed with the installation?

No problem, we will explain how to install Windows 8 on Mac in Dual Boot!


If you have a Mac and want to try the new Windows 8 operating system on your OS X,then this guide represents everything you need.

As we said, in fact, in the following lines we will see how to have Windows 8 and Mac OS X on the same computer in Dual Boot. In this way you can always select, when you turn on the computer, the operating system to start.

Let's not waste any more time and start immediately with the guide.

Guide to install Windows 8 on Mac

PREMISE: take full responsibility for what you do.

STEP 1 – Requirements:

Before proceeding with the installation of Windows 8 on Mac, let's see in detail what we need.

We will need:

Windows 8 ISO disk image, which will be saved on the Mac

a fairly large USB stick at least 10GB

Mac with the latest version of BootCamp (ie 4.0)

about 20GB of free space to dedicate to the BootCamp partition.

If you have everything you can continue with the guide.

STEP 2 – Creating the Dual Boot:

In order to create the partition (i.e. the hard disk space to devote to Windows 8), just use the BootCamp Assistant.

What is it about? Simply a powerful but useful program that allows you to run Windows on the Mac.

To proceed, we search the BootCamp Assistant from the Spotlight bar or just follow this path

  • Applications> Utility Folder> BootCamp Assistant

Once we find the program, open it and this screen will appear:


Go on.

In the next screen we will have to select all the options present, namely:

  • create a disk to install Windows 7
  • download the latest Windows support software

Obviously we will not install Windows 7, but Windows 8, but nothing changes.

Once your computer reads the disk, BootCamp will ask you to give space to your partition, which, as we said, will be the space to devote to Windows 8. Set about 20GB (minimum).

Space to give to BootCamp

Now we can restart our Mac and proceed with the classic Windows installation.


This step is shown on video:

After the installation of Windows 8 is complete, you need to do this last step.

  • Go to System Preferences> Startup Disk

and select the operating system that will open by default when the computer is turned on. In this way you can make sure that, on the first start, Windows 8 or Mac OS X is started, according to your needs or preferences.

As you have seen, everything is quite simple, fast and immediate, without any particular complications.

Now that you have tried both operating systems, which one do you prefer between the two? Better Mac OS X or Windows 8? Let us know in the comments!

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